DeltaHawk Engines - Diesel For GA

DeltaHawk Engines V4DeltaHawk Engines was founded in 1996 by Doug and Diane Doers and JP and Jeanne Brooks with a vision to develop and market disruptive engine technology to the general aviation industry. DeltaHawk developed the first "clean sheet" compression-ignition engines; radically redesigning the general aviation airplane engine and revolutionizing the industry. By 1997, DeltaHawk developed a prototype engine running on a static Velocity airframe. In 2015, DeltaHawk plans to test and certify the multi-fuel 160-200 horsepower engines to FAA standards. Once certified, these engines will be among the smallest, lightest, most fuel-efficient and reliable multi-fuel engines on the market.

For more information on DeltaHawk Engines, Inc., please visit the company website at, email: or call 262-634-9660.