Video: DeltaHawk Engines Bringing a New Diesel for Aviation!

Diesel engines are making a come back in aviation circles. A few months back we covered the Superior Gemini two-stroke, a three-cylinder, six-opposed piston engine for light sport aircraft. A competitor to Superior in the LSA diesel market is the engine of DeltaHawk. Unlike the Superior engine, DeltaHawk Engines are primarily designed for the general aviation community as a whole, not just the niche market of light sport aircraft (aircraft exclusively for a single pilot to fly for pleasure).

The four-cylinder V arrangement of the DeltaHawk engine is a layout more familiar to the automotive enthusiast but less common in the aviation world where horizontally opposed is the arrangement of choice for minimal frontal area, and therefore less drag. This V4 aluminum diesel engine is two-stroke and has been meticulously engineered to meet the specific needs and priorities of the aviation community. Many onlookers from the automotive world may be shocked at the low horsepower per displacement ratio of many aircraft engines. This de-tuning is an intentional design for longevity, and reliability.

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