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You’ll want a DeltaHawk engine for all the great things it brings to owning and operating an aircraft, including its ease of operation, reliability, extraordinary performance, and low cost of ownership. But beyond all of those great benefits, you’ll also be helping our planet.

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Environmental Benefits–
Lead and Carbon Emission Reduction Profile

The inherent efficiency of DeltaHawk’s engine and its compatibility with fuel alternatives to AvGas result in capacity to drive critical reductions in lead and carbon emissions from general aviation and other end applications. See example using assumptions for annual general aviation below.

Unit economics–Deltahawk’s engine meaningfully impacts lead and carbon reduction1
Lead Reduction (Jet Fuel or SAF)
Carbon Reduction
Total Fuel Consumed by GA Aircraft per Year (U.S.-Based)
200 million gallons
DeltaHawk Market Capture Assumption
16 million gallons (8% share)
Lead/Carbon in 100LL AvGas
.0047 lbs of lead per gallon
18.33 lbs of CO2 per gallon
Of DH Share, Aircraft Converting to Jet Fuel or SAF
Illustrative Annual DeltaHawk Reduction Impact
236,848 lbs of lead per year
20.5 million lbs of CO2 (assumes 70% reduction) per year2
Number of General Aviation Aircraft (U.S.-Based)
226,000 (~84,000 addressable by Gen 1 engine)
DeltaHawk Market Capture Assumption
18,080 (8% share)
Of DH Share, Aircraft Converting to Jet Fuel or SAF
Illustrative Annual Reduction per DeltaHawk Engine3
13.1 lbs of lead per engine per year
1,134 lbs of CO2 per engine per year

EIA.gov, BP, Simple Flying, Fortune Business Insights, Allied Market Research, Research and Markets Note: (1) Illustrative figures assuming all U.S.-based, FAA registered general aviation aircraft could be addressed with DH’s scalable engine architecture; (2) Conservative estimate, research shows up to 80% reduction in carbon emissions from SAF compared to traditional gases; (3) Assumes single engine aircraft.

Calculations assume 30% reduction in fuel burn versus AvGas engines due to DeltaHawk fuel efficiency gains.

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