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Military Applications

Military Applications


The DeltaHawk engine is ideally suited for mission-critical applications because it was designed to meet the most stringent certification requirements that can only be found in FAA-certified aviation applications. Its patented technology is capable of operating on a wide range of fuels, from pump diesel to SAF. But the applications for military use go well beyond aviation. The attributes that define the DeltaHawk engine make it ideal for many other uses. These attributes include:

  • Scalable technology that leverages the same/similar parts
  • Made in the USA mitigating supply chain issues
  • Simple design with 40% fewer parts. No complicated electronic controls
  • Highest reliability
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Engineered for high power duty cycles
  • Very low maintenance, and easy maintenance utilizing common tools
  • Easy starting in cold and hot environments
  • Extraordinary altitude performance
  • EMI-proof as there is no electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Applications that requires a lightweight, compact, and highly efficient heavy fuel engine are perfect candidates for DeltaHawk’s unique technology such as UAS propulsion, aircraft ground support equipment, lightweight marine craft, tracked vehicles, and stand-alone or fully integrated power generation packages required for weapons systems. Any mission-critical applications requiring a small and light package coupled with extraordinary reliability fall well within the capabilities of a DeltaHawk-powered solution.

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