DeltaHawk Introduces Higher Power Engine Options

Reservations being taken for two new models in the company’s jet-fueled piston engine family.

DeltaHawk Engines has added two new higher horsepower engine models to its family of jet-fueled piston engines. Both of the new engines are based upon the architecture of the company’s highly innovative DHK180, which was FAA Certified in April 2023 and is now being readied for production ahead of anticipated deliveries later this year.

The two new models are the DHK200, which will produce Rated Take-Off Power (RTP) and Maximum Continuous Power (MCP) of 200 horsepower, and the DHK235 which will produce an RTP and MCP of 235 horsepower. Both new models will share the same dimensions and weight of the DHK180, which has a RTP and MCP of 180 horsepower. The DHK 200 will be certified and available in the third quarter of 2024, followed by certification and availability of the DHK235 in the first half of 2025.

All models in the DeltaHawk engine family are based upon a clean-sheet design and feature an inverted-V engine block, turbocharging and supercharging, mechanical fuel injection, liquid cooling, direct drive, and 40% fewer moving parts than other engines in their category. DeltaHawk’s engines are highly responsive and produce more usable torque than traditional aircraft engines in their class, all while burning significantly less fuel. Which, along with their smaller size and slimmer shape, make these engines extremely well-suited to a wide variety of conventional aircraft, as well as those powered by hybrid propulsion systems.

In addition to improvements in safety, performance, and efficiency over conventional aircraft piston engines, the DeltaHawk DHK engine family offers the significant advantage of burning jet fuel – which not only addresses the increasing lack of availability of 100LL for general aviation aircraft worldwide, but also eliminates the significant negative environmental impact of leaded fuels.

“Following FAA certification of the DHK180, customer interest and reservation deposits from aircraft OEMs and individual owners in both certified and experimental markets has been extremely high” said Christopher Rudd, Chief Executive Officer at DeltaHawk Engines. “Our two new engine models build upon the same innovative, pilot-focused technology as the DHK180, while offering even more capability for higher power applications – as will additional engine models yet to be announced.”

DeltaHawk is currently developing engine installation packages for the Van’s Aircraft RV-14 and the BearHawk Four-Place from BearHawk Aircraft. With initial engine deliveries anticipated for the second half of this year, production ramp-up is underway. Production slot reservations are available, reserve your engine installation package today.

Testing is underway at DeltaHawk Engines as two new higher horsepower versions of its FAA Certified DHK180 engine are introduced. The 200 horsepower DHK200 and 235 horsepower DHK235 are slated for certification and delivery in the third quarter of 2024 and first half of 2025, respectively.
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